Friday, January 7, 2011

Wedding: Jed and Peggy

I keep thinking of what a beautiful and perfect day it was for Jed and Peggy: sunny, warm (at least for December), and the light was just amazing. They truly had divine help with the weather! I just loved photographing these two. They are so natural and you can tell how madly in love they are. I love watching for those moments where they really connect with each other. There is so many good things ahead for you two!

Of course there is so much going on around the bride and groom and these young ones kept us all going (around and around the fountain mostly)!

I have only just started looking at the reception pictures and here are a few and look forward to more soon!


  1. These pictures are wonderful Carolyn! Thank you so much for being our photographer.

  2. these are so beautiful! exactly what I wanted! Thank you!!!